What is needed for Summer Camp?                

(Click here to print a checklist for summer camp) (Camp Trexler checklist)

These are common questions asked by parents and scouts alike. To save everyone time and trouble we have attempted to answer these questions here and make your experience more fun for everyone.

Let’s start with what should not be brought to camp;

Cell Phones – Scouts are discouraged from having cell phones at camp. All the leaders have cells phones and parents can contact Mr. Scavo or the camp in the event of an emergency.  It takes just one call to or from home to make even a seasoned scout homesick! This rule will be enforced by all leaders.

 Video games – It is about a three hour ride to Camp, if the scout must have one of these to pass the time coming and going to camp, only during the ride OK but they will be locked in the vehicle upon arrival and the leaders will not be responsible for them.  The scouts will have too much to do during camp and we don’t want them distracted by this type of item or distracting others.

 Snacks – There are critters in them there woods. To avoid attracting unwanted guests (critters) snacks are not allowed in the tents.  NO FOOD IN TENTS!

 What  is needed:

 Uniforms – The scouts must arrive in full field uniform and have bathing suit underneath or immediately available for swim test when we arrive. Each evening the boys are required to “dress” for dinner in full uniform. For breakfast the boys will wear the class “B” uniform, that is, the Troop 4 tee shirt.  Remember with scout shorts, scouts socks are required.  Bring a clothes hanger to keep the uniform looking good and dry.  You will need this uniform all week.

 Shoes – Hiking/camping boots and a good pair of sneakers. Plenty of socks. Dry feet are a necessity for comfort and health.  Scouts should also have flip flops or water shoes to take a shower.  NO sandals!

 Clothes – Jeans, shorts and something to sleep in, such as sweats are a good choice for sleeping attire. Remember a daily change of underwear and socks, swim suits (eye goggles if needed), towels and personal hygiene items like toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.  Don’t forget rain gear! (Complete list available to print click above).

 Knap sack (day pack) for course supplies and/or swim gear, along with a few pens/pencils and a notebook.  Boy Scout Handbook should also be with scout, along with his Troop photo ID.

 Money – The boys will put their money in an envelope marked with their name. This will be kept in a locked box administered by one of the adult leaders. $50 (broken into $5/$10 bills) is the norm. When the boys go to the trading post they will request to take money from their envelope. Remember that certain merit badges might require purchasing items to complete the requirement(s) so take that into account when giving the scout money for the week.  Give an extra $12 if you want the troop photo at camp (looks like a class photo.)

Bug Spray – Pump bottles only. This will help to protect the ground water and save on pollution. Something with DEET works best for mosquitoes. 

 Medications must be given to Mr. Scavo to give to camp nurse where they will be dispensed (except for emergency inhalers).  They must be in original containers.

 Meals – Meals will be in the camp dinning cabin and supplied by the camp. We will be having dinner in the campsite one of the days, so pack the necessary utensils. If the scout is doing a merit badge that is going to require an outside meal then make sure to pack the mess kit. An example of such a merit badges are the Camping, Cooking, or Wilderness merit badges.  Have a cup to drink from at the campsite and a water bottle.

 We will be sleeping on cots all week, so have a sleeping bag and a pillow if desired.

 Please take the time to have scout’s name on everything he brings.  Lost and found pile last year was ridiculous.  All scouts have the same items, and it’s hard enough to buy these items once!